Treatment for the symptoms of IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, constipation and stomach pains with hypnotherapy in London UK>
IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome treatment with Hypnotherapy

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Treatment for the symptoms of IBS with Hypnotherapy

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  • Going out without having to plan where you might have to stop, not caring where the nearest toilet is.
  • Not being restricted about what kind of place you are going to and how to get there or worrying about what you eat and drink.
  • Forgetting about the whole issue of needing the toilet so you can get on with things and enjoy going out.
  • Being in a public place, confident you will not be bothered by constipation, diarrhoea or stomach pains

  • It is possible to feel calm in your own body, to control the gut and all those nerve endings.
  • You are ready to create a sense of well being in your digestive system and feel more confident in your body and mind.
  • You have more control of your mind and body than you might think.

  • You are ready and able to take control of the feelings in your body

    Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness and CBT
    In my experience, clients use these techniques successfully in the sessions and very often leave the old problem behind.
    Building confidence over what you can control often leads to a cessation of more than one issue.

    Skype calls from around the world

    I treat people around the world using Skype, for those who cannot get to London easily.

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    Treating IBS with hypnotherapy

    How long? How much?
    It usually takes about 5 sessions, lasting 80 minutes, costing 95 each.